Gas Services

Commercial Installations

Domestic Installations

Gas Repairs

Gas Supply, COC's


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Gas Accessories


We offer a wide range

of gas accessories & parts



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Gas BBQ's

A selection of fine gas braai's

or BBQ's to best suit

your individual needs

(On Order)

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Installation spares

Gas spares available for

all gas appliances. If your

appliance spare is not readily

available, we will source it

for you!

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Gas Heaters

We offer a variety of

energy saving gas heaters

for commercial or

domestic use


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Gas Ovens and Hobs

We able to install any

gas oven of your choice,

Let us know which you

would like installed


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Camping Stoves

We repair or install

all types and makes

of gas stoves



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Gas Geysers


We repair or install We offer a range top quality of gas geysers




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Stargas is a leading supplier of gas products and installations in Centurion & Gauteng. Based in Centurion, we provide commercial and residential customers with gas equipment and installations, as well as supply them with gas directly from our gas depot. We deliver to your premises and provide a fast and reliable service.

Our company was started in 2009 and we have significantly grown into one of the preferred gas suppliers in Centurion, Gauteng. Our services include commercial and residential gas installations, gas repairs, gas maintenance, and gas deliveries to your premises. We pride ourselves in our outstanding workmanship and quality service.

Our Mission

We are aware that gas is the only truly viable, affordable and accessible alternative fuel source, and we are passionate about helping our customers realize just how beneficial this energy source is. Not only will you save a significant amount of money on your electricity bill, but you will have a simple, clean, and modern system that is very versatile. We aim to provide the best gas products and service to our customers.

When it comes to our service towards our customers, we never disappoint. We provide a convenient delivery service to customers in and around Centurion, Gauteng and we are always available for advice on using gas products, gas safety measures, and guidance on which product or system to buy.

We always perform our work in accordance with industry guidelines and standards and can provide tips and guidelines to customers who are new to gas products.

For more information, feel free to contact us or speak directly to a sales representative about your needs.



106 Migmatite Street Swartkops

South Africa

Contact Us:
Tel no: (012) 756 1883/4 (Landline: Weekly
Mobile no:073 583 3552
Name: Andrea Casillo
Mobile no: 073 583 3552
Tel no: (012) 756 1883/4

Name: Fabio Casillo
Mobile no: 073 583 3552
Tel no: (012) 756 1883/4

Name: Musa
Mobile no: 073 583 3552
Tel no: (012) 756 1883/4

Trading Hours:

(012) 756 1883/4 (Available Weekly 8h00am - 17h00 / Saturdays: 8h00 to 12h00)

073 583 3552 (Available Weekly 8h00am - 17h00 / Not available on weekends)


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