Model:          GP813 Barcode:     6003339003449   Features and Benefits: Stamped “L” for easy recognition 0.20mm Orifice Fits all ALVA 300CP gas la

Model:           GR176 Barcode:     6003339001599   Features and Benefits:  Suitable for use with the Alva Cooker Tops and Hotwheels    

Model:          GR178 Barcode:     6003339004873   Features and Benefits: 2 Washers per pack Fits L-shape regulators, gas lamps & cooker tops Replacement s

G1 Distribution a company that distribute PEX gas pipe and water Pex in Centurion, Johannesburg and into the rest of South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Namibia. Pex pipe is also known as multilayer composite pipe to the industry. G1 Distributi

- Mainly used for LPG; can also be used for NG, Nitrogen and Air. - These units with adjustable pressure are used in applications to 10kg/h (475 kBTU/h) maximum. - They are intended to be used as: - Second stage regulators in domestic or commercia
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