Model:          BA36 Barcode:     6003339003289   Features and Benefits:  High intensity illumination for night-time grills  60cm Flexible arm for high

Model:        BA42 Barcode:     6003339003319   Features and Benefits:  Stainless steel fork with temperature probe 5 Meat selections 4 Taste settings 12 Cooking

Model:          BA58 Barcode:     6003339003784   Features and Benefits:  1118mm X 762mm Protects wood and tile surfaces Waterproof backing Absorbs grea

Model:          BA60 Barcode:     60033390003807   Features and Benefits:  Fit’s most BBQ’s  3 Adaptors per knob Universal Fit  

Model:          BA62 Barcode:     60033390003814     Features and Benefits:  Fit’s most BBQ’s 3 Adaptors per knob Universal Fit Chrom

Model:          BA71 Barcode:     60033390000233   Features and Benefits:  30cm Ceramic stone with chromed steel carry rack Holds heat well, keeping tempera

Model:          BA72 Barcode:     60033390003050   Features and Benefits:   Heavy-gauge stainless steel  Great for use on all braais  The sturdy

Model:          BA77 Barcode:     6003339004309   Features and Benefits:  Rotates out and around to focus light  Clamps easliy to BBQ handle 10 Super

Model:          BA78 Barcode:     6003339004316   Features and Benefits: Heavy gauge electroplated steel Roast moist, tender, golden crispy chicken Perfect fo

Model:          BA79 Barcode:     6003339004323   Features and Benefits: 3 Burner hooded BBQ compatible  Protects your BBQ from rain, heat and cold Heavy

Model:          BA80 Barcode:     6003339004330   Features and Benefits:  4 Burner hooded BBQ compatible Protects your BBQ from rain, heat and cold  

Model:          BA86 Barcode:     6003339004392   Features and Benefits:  Rust resistant stainless steel construction  Contoured wooden handles for eas

Model:          BA91 Barcode:     6003339004491   Features and Benefits: Stainless steel surface is ideal for grilling seafood and vegetables  Keeps small i

Model:          BA99 Barcode:     6003339005832   Features and Benefits:  Comes with electric motor and universal bracket  Adjustable skewer forks Deta

Model:           BA102 Barcode:     6003339005894   Features and Benefits:   Convenient and fast to use   Instructions included   Stainles

Model:          BA103 Barcode:     6003339004903   Features and Benefits: Included in this kit: 250ml Food Safe Braai Cleaner: Rinses o easily after applicat

Model:           BA104 Barcode:     6003339006198   Features and Benefits: Refillable gas lighters  Extra value - 2 lighters per pack Clear display f

Model:           BA105 Barcode:     6003339006204   Features and Benefits: High quality universal gas 6 Gas refill adaptor selections Easy to use refill sy

Model:           BA106 Barcode:     6003339006211   Features and Benefits:  High quality universal gas 6 Gas refill adaptor selections Easy to use gas

Model:           BA107 Barcode:     6003339006228 5-IN-1 Black titanium coated  

Model:           BA108 Barcode:     6003339006235   Features and Benefits:  Refillable gas lighter  Flexible head  Electronic ignition &

Model:           BA109 Barcode:     6003339006266   Features and Benefits: Stainless steel burner Adjustable burner Fits gas BBQ’s With burner b

Model:           BA110 Barcode:     6003339006310   Features and Benefits: 2 valve plugs per pack Keep sand and dust out of valves Use to protect threads

Model:           BA111 Barcode:     6003339006303   Features and Benefits: 3 Levellers per pack Fits most cylinder makes and sizes Easy to fit and adjust

Model:           BA115 Barcode:     6003339006464   Features and Benefits: Zeolite absorbing properties are high, typically 80 - 90% Zeolite is a natural pro

Model:           BA120 Barcode:     6003339006518   Features and Benefits: Suitable for use with BBQ’s, Gas Braai’s and Home ovens Assembly: Non

Model:           G008 Barcode:     6003339000073   Features and Benefits:  100 Candlepower light source  Low gas consumption  Up to 30 hou

Model:           G008A Barcode:     6003339003418   Features and Benefits: 300 Candlepower light source  Low gas consumption  Up to 30 hours bu

Model:           G010 Barcode:     6003339000066   Features and Benefits: High pressure burner optimises heat retention and distribution Effective wind shiel

250 mm EXTENSION PIPE WITHOUT VALVE Model:                    G020 Barcode:     6003339000264 500 mm EXTENSION PIPE WITHOU

Model:           G023 Barcode:     6003339000172   Features and Benefits: 36cm Diameter wok pan Double grip wooden handles for easy handling Genuine Chin

BULLNOSE LOW PRESSURE 2.8kPa. REGULATOR Model:           G025 Bullnose with 1.2m hose Barcode:     6003339000813   9kg to 48kg up 5/8” BSP (G5/8) Left Hand Thre

Model:           G033 Barcode:     6003339000653   Features and Benefits:  Multi-purpose 3-port gas manifold stand  Each port individually control

Model:          GA67 Barcode:     6003339001674   Features and Benefits: Comes with battery operated motor  Adjustable skewer forks Detachable screw on s

Model:           GA101R Barcode:     6003339002435   Features and Benefits:  Suitable for use with the Eagle, Falcon, Rosso, Ibis and the Cougar. Dimen

Model:          GAS07 Barcode:     6003339006044   Features and Benefits:  Wind resistant Fits all domestic gas cylinders Chrome plated cooker plate &

Model:           GC007 Barcode:     6003339005955   Features and Benefits:  Nickel-plated cooker plate  Stainless steel high pressure burner head&

Model:           GC007E Barcode:     6003339005962   Features and Benefits: Nickel plated cooker plate  Stainless steel high pressure burner head 

Model:           GD16V Cast Iron Barcode:     6003339003470   Features and Benefits: The Original Reversible Cast Iron Braai Ribbed side: For sizzling meat,

Model:           GP70 Barcode:     6003339000714   Features and Benefits:  Suitable for use with the G007 & GC007 cooker tops    

Model:           GR133 Barcode:     6003339006341 LPGSA Approved  Application is for domestic & commercial installations   Description: LPG Rubb

Model:           GR376 Barcode:     6009705061983   Features and Benefits:   Suitable for use with the 4 Burner BBQ (Jet Black)  

Model:          GA91V Barcode:     6003339004699   Features and Benefits: Porcelian matt finiash 2 Burner cast iron grid Dimensions: 484 x 240mm  

Model:          GA101V Barcode:     6003339004231   Features and Benefits: Cast iron BBQ grid Dimensions: 400 x 484mm  

Model:          GA102V Barcode:     6003339004248   Features and Benefits: Cast iron solid plate Enamel coated Designed for cougar, but can fit the Eagle, Taur

Model:          GA106R Barcode:     6003339002411   Features and Benefits: Cast iron gas BBQ grid Dimensions: 495 x 335 x 25mm  

Model:           GB125 Barcode:     6009705065516   Features and Benefits:  • Suitable for use with the Puma BBQ.    

Model:          GHA18 Barcode:     6003339002084   Features and Benefits: Fits all ALVA patio heaters, except the GHT20 (Taple Top Heater) Made of strong quality

Model:          GHA45 Barcode:     6003339006327   Features and Benefits: Made of solid steel Designed to focus the heat of the patio heater to desired location

Model:           GP88 Barcode:     6003339000912   Features and Benefits:  Suitable for use with the 100CP Lamp G008  

Model:           GP883 Barcode:     60033390003463   Features and Benefits:  Suitable for use with the 300CP Lamp G008A  

Model:           GR254 Barcode:     6002417006631   Features and Benefits:  Suitable for use with the GHT20 Table Top Patio Heater  

Model:          GR316 Barcode:     6003339006334   Features and Benefits: Replacement Hood / Reflector for the GHT20 Sturdy aluminium construction  

Model:          HSS-A Barcode:     6003339001988   Features and Benefits: Replacement hood/reflector for the GHP01, GHP07, GHP08 and GHP10 Sturdy aluminium constr

Model:          HSS-S Barcode:     6003339005849   Features and Benefits: Comes with nuts & bolts  Compact for easy storage Compatible with all ALVA p
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